About Hellcat Maggie's Skincare

Hellcat Maggie’s Skincare is the first whole-plant CBD skincare in the U.S. made specifically for problematic complexions prone to breakouts, rosacea, and other inflammatory skin concerns.


Using what is traditionally referred to as the "olive-oil method," we carefully infuse cannabidiol into our propietary blend of organic, non-comedogenic ingredients to heal inflammation and reduce the damage caused by acne, the sun, free radicals, hormonal changes, and even aging.

We are confident in the efficacy of our skincare not only because of our diligent research, but also because we've used it to treat our own lifelong skin problems. And it worked.

Our Origin Story

After suffering from bad skin for years, Maggie Glover, founder of Hellcat Maggie's, curated a list of ingredients based on her dermatologist and aesthetician's recommendations. During her time as a marketing consultant and blogger for a major cannabis website, she became educated in the plant's healing properties and applications. After pouring over the clinical trials regarding the saluatory effects of CBD on acne and skin inflammation, she was excited to add it to her skincare routine to see if it could finally put an end to the particularly nasty hormonal breakouts she'd been experiencing since her 32nd birthday and prevent the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation.

After more research, however, Maggie was dissapointed to find most topical CBD products on the market were missing ingredients that are crucial to the health and healing of acne-prone, problematic skin. In fact, most CBD topicals included pore-clogging materials such as coconut oil (which carries a rating of 4 on the dermatological scale of comedogenic ingredients, 0 assigned to ingredients not likely to clog pores and 5 assigned to given to the most pore-clogging, pimple-provoking substances).

Though these other CBD products were a good fit for some skin types, Maggie knew they were definitely not the right fit for her complexion's specific needs. 


The skincare Maggie needed didn't exist. So she created a brand new skincare regimen, blending high-quality, whole-plant CBD with powerful, clean, and healing ingredients (with comedogenic ratings 0-1) 


Today, Hellcat Maggie's  Skincare continues to work directly with small, organic hemp farms in California and Oregon to source high-CBD strains with less than 0.03% of THC. (View the most current lab report here.)  In fact, we are dilligent about sourcing all of our ingredients and are proud to be GMO-free and pesticide-free (you can view specific ingredients on each product's page).



A Letter from Our Founder

Welcome to Hellcat Maggie's Skincare, the irst whole-plant CB skincare made especially for problematic complexions. Why? Because we have problematic complexions.

A few years ago, I had a terrible breakout unlike anything I had ever had before. Though I was used to monthly hormonal pimples on my chin and annoying clusters of clogged pores here and there, this breakout covered my cheeks, forehead, and nose. Suddenly, I had the face stereotypical of a pubescent teenager--except that, at the age of 32, I also had the beginnings of fine lines and wrinkles. 


When my go-to breakout treatments didn't work, I began searching for something new. My experience helping cannabis businesses with their marketing strategy meant that I already knew topical CBD had been proven to reduce inflammation while reducing the damage done by the sun and free radicals. But I became frustrated when I discovered that the CBD skincare on the market featured coconut oil and other pore-clogging ingredients or used CBD isolate (instead of whole-plant CBD, which is the type of CBD that's been tested in clinical studies).

Since I couldn't buy what my skin needed, I decided to make it myself... and Hellcat Maggie's Skincare was born.

Now that my skin is clear, I am excited to share my innovative skincare with the 50 million adults in the U.S. who experience acne every year.  Hellcat Maggie's Skincare hydrates, nourishes, & clears skin. Every ingredient is rated 0-1 on the dermatological comedogenic scale (meaning they do NOT clog pores like ingredients >1). Our propietary formula is infused with whole-plant CBD sourced from pesticide-free, organically grown hemp plants from small farms.

Have questions? Check out our FAQ or email us anytime info@hellcatmaggies.com.

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Maggie Glover


Hellcat Maggie's Skincare


Maggie Glover


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